About Me

Why I Write

I have always loved writing . My earliest work (according to Mom and Dad) was a story about being a thermos in a lunchbox, written when I was five years old. So it’s a compulsion, although I had to make it pay with a career as a technical writer and editor.

I’ve always loved to read, whether it’s Austen, Heyer, or J.D. Robb, and I made this pay with a second career as a librarian! I especially love to read mysteries, starting with childhood favs Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown.

So writing things for other people to read? Sign me up, best job in the world! I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it for you. And make sure to join my email list if you want to hear more about the writing life (and get a free novella as well as other goodies!).

Photo by Martin Liddament

My Background

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I attended San Jose State University and earned advanced degrees in English and Library Science. I minored in Anthropology and also have certificates in interior design, technical writing, and people and project management. Yes, I’m a big fan of education.

In the working world of Silicon Valley I held titles including Knowledge Disseminator,  Information Architect, Head of Knowledge Management, and Children’s Librarian. After marrying a Yorkshireman and moving to the UK, I worked in public libraries and for the NHS in the field of knowledge management before finishing my pre-writing career managing the library at York St. John University. I am currently owned by two cats, Cordelia and Winifred, although I’m the first to admit it’s an unequal relationship in which they receive almost all the benefits. But I also have a husband to help me fulfill their insatiable needs.

Other Things I Love Besides Writing

Here are some of the things I love and which will inevitably creep into my books and stories:

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