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Moved to Murder

Vivien doesn’t expect trouble when she moves from California to join her new British husband in the Yorkshire village of Nether Chatby. After all, she loves England, and they all speak the same language! But trouble finds her after she discovers a dead body, and when the chips (crisps?) are down, it seems murder is the only common language.

This first Vivien Brandt mystery is now available at many major book retailers in ebook and print. Click below for some UK options, search on your favorite sites, or request it from your local bookstore.

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Photo of Spring Paths book cover

Spring Paths

An anthology of stories from writers in North America and the UK. Check out my entry featuring naughty Greek Gods!

A Hiss-teria of Killers

If you like cozy mysteries with cats, this is for you! Mine features the naughty Purrsephone Squigglebutt.

Supernatural Shingdig book cover

A Supernatural Shindig

Fifteen spooky tales of paranormal pranks that will cause spine tingling, over-the-shoulder looking, and some downright laughing.

Ungrateful Dead

Meet the parents. Track a killer through San Francisco. Get this prequel to the Vivien Brandt Mystery series when you join my mailing list!