The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Mystery Writers

person writing a checklist in a notebook

Yes, they oft gang aglee, and such is the case with me. I have overextended myself. I promised to publish my collection of paranormal short stories this week, but after a quick review I noticed some errors and problems that must be corrected. It doesn’t do to put something out that isn’t ready, especially as your first offering to readers.

I have been stressing for the past week, trying to put together keywords and topics that will do well in Amazon (and buying Publisher Rocket to help with this), rewriting the blurb on the back cover using my newly learned ChatGPT skills, ordering business cards, and doing so much to ensure the business part of this venture was in order that I neglected the most important component: the actual writing.

As I have now run into my vacation time, my authorial debut will have to wait until I return in October. It’s hard to start my career by disappointing people, but fortunately I’ve mostly only been publicizing to my friends so far, and I trust them to have better things to do than sit around waiting to order my book! Plus, I’m sure many of them can relate past disappointments as any friendship has them. (Getting very drunk on pineapple Chi Chis at my friend’s Hawaiian wedding come to mind at times like these.)

It’s yet another reminder to reinforce why you are writing. For me, it’s because I enjoy doing it, and I hope other people will enjoy reading what I write. It’s not about the money, the fame, the need to provide a legacy. Although that last one would be cool, as long as it’s a good one.

So bear with me while I go back to doing what I enjoy, creating the best possible stories. I promise, we will all benefit in the end.

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